Artist Issac Israelis (1865-1934)

Artist Issac Israelis was born in 1865 in Amsterdam. He completed his studies at the Royal Academy of Art after selling his first painting (“Bugle Practice”) at age 16!

Mr. Israelis emphasized streets, cafes, cabarets and other outdoor scenes painted during his European travels, particularly when living in Paris and London before finally returning to Holland after World War 1.

In 2006, his painting entitled “A Table at the Restaurant Le Perroquet” sold for £49360 at a Christie auction.

Poppy Field (shown above) can be purchased by going to the Shop Or Art section, clicking on the Modern and Abstract drop down category then clicking on the Poppy Field image and following the prompts.

Ten Days Left for BeerColors™ Art Show!

BeerColors™ artist, Ron Pomeroy, continues to display 20 pieces of his BeerColors™ art at Macadam Frame Central, at 6639 SW Macadam Avenue in Portland,Oregon through the end of this month.

Please drop by to see our framed BeerColors™ art. All pieces are for sale!

One of the pieces in the Macadam Frame Central art show is Fertile Ground (shown above), which can be purchased directly in an unframed version by clicking on: and following the prompts.

Artist Grace Hartigan (1922-2008)

Artist Grace Hartigan was a semi-abstract expressionist born in New Jersey. Her styles changed during her lifetime including watercolor collages, cubism and figurative paintings to name a few. In 1962, she painted the watercolor collage “Lily Pond” after creating her well-known 14 piece “Orange” in 1952.

Dance to a Different Beat (shown at left) was painted with Pendleton Blended Canadian Whiskey from Hood River Distilling in Hood River, Oregon. It may be purchased as a print (by going to the Modern and Abstract category under Shop Our Art) or on metal (by going to the Art on Metal category under Shop Our Art), selecting the image then following prompts through checkout.


Artist James Coignard (1925-2008)

Artist James Coignard was born in Tours, France. Mr. Coignard attended art school in Nice, France and won first place in the 1950 Nice “Arts decorates” art show.

Mr. Coignard has displayed his work in Sweden, Germany, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel.

Canyon Fog (shown above) was painted with a Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve beer from the Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co. Canyon Fog may be purchased by going to the Modern and Abstract category under Shop Our Art, clicking on the Canyon Fog image then following the prompts through checkout.

Artist Hans Richter (1988-1976)

Artist Hans Richter was born in Berlin, Germany and held his first exhibition in Munich during 1916. The following year he painted his first abstract work. Two years later, Mr. Richter became a co-founder of the Association of Revolutionary Artists in Zurich, Sweden.

By 1921, Mr. Richter filmed the abstract film entitled “Pythmus 21”. In 1940, Mr. Richter moved to the United States and directed several films before returning to painting in 1958.

Solid Ground 3 (shown above) was painted with a 2013 Oak Grove Cabernet Sauvignon Family Reserve from Oak Grove Vineyards in Saint Martin, California. Solid Ground 3 may be purchased by going to the Modern and Abstract category under Shop Our Art, clicking on the Solid Ground 3 image then following the prompts through checkout.

BeerColors™ Art Now Showing All Month!

BeerColors™ artist, Ron Pomeroy, is showing 20 framed pieces of his BeerColors™ art at Macadam Frame Central ( in Portland for the entire month of June. All are very affordably priced and available for purchase at their site, 6639 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97239.

An artist reception is scheduled for the last Friday evening of June from 7:00-9:00 pm. Drop on by during June, meet the fine people at Macadam Frame Central and buy our unique and funky BeerColors™ art!  You will be glad you did!

Shown above, Savannah Marsh, one of the framed pieces of BeerColors™ art on display/for sale during the month of June at Macadam Frame Central.

Artist Zhang Hongtu (1943-present)

Artist Zhang Hongtu was born in Pinglang, China. He studied in Beijing at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and is a co-founder of The Chinese United Overseas Artists Association. Well known for using unusual materials (i.e. MSG, soy sauce, corn, nails, etc.) in his paintings, Mr. Hongtu is also a sculptor and works with ceramics, digital imaging and other forms of artistic expression.

Mr. Hongtu moved to the United States in 1980 and first became famous in 1987 for his portrait of Chairman Mao painted on a Quaker Oats cereal box. A “Political Pop” artist, he painted portraits of Buddha and others during the 1990’s. While initially using acrylics, during the late 1990’s Mr. Hongtu began painting with oils.

Crazy Cubes was painted with a 2016 Summerfest Crisp Lager from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and may be purchased by going to the Modern and Abstract category under our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Crazy Cubes image then following the prompts through checkout.

Artist Maurice de Vlaminck (11876-1958)

Artist Maurice de Vlaminck was a French-born artist well known for his use of intense color. Generally perceived as a Fauvist, Mr. de Vlaminck primarily painted with oils on canvas. His 1912 “Village” and “At the Bar” and “Man Smoking Pipe”-both painted in 1900- are amongst his better known works.

Influenced greatly by the works of Van Gogh, the paintings of Mr. de Vlaminck have been highly admired and collected worldwide.

Storm Over the Alps (shown above) was colorfully painted with a Bridgeport Witch Hunt beer from Bridgeport Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon.  Storm Over the Alps may be purchased by going to our Shop Our Art section, selecting the Modern and Abstract category, clicking on the Storm Over the Alps image then following the prompts through checkout.

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