Color Reversed Jacamar


This colorful, small to medium sized bird lives in the lowland forests of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil regions of South America. The Jacamar has four toes, two pointing forward and two backward. It has a relatively long pointed bill and long tail. The Color Reversed Jacamar was so named by BeerColors™ as it is a photographic negative image of the Jacamar bird (that is why it appears to be nighttime), which I painted with a South American beer.

Beer used: Famosa Lager, Cerveceria Centro Americana Brewery, (Guatemala City, Guatamala)



All BeerColors™and WineDesigns™ paintings are printed on excellent archival quality paper. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase. The beer or wine used in each painting is listed on the Certificate.  All prints are sold unframed.



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