Field of Flowers


Painted in the style of post-impressionism, Field of Flowers is defined by the space above the field. The Field of Flowers itself is fertile, crowded and full of activity. The space above is devoid of distractions. This limited edition print can be seen as an analogy for escaping mental busyness and quieting one’s mind or it can be simply seen as a literal Field of Flowers. Upside down, Field of Flowers can also be seen as a snow bank in a heavy snowstorm by a lake. If viewed standing on your head…. please consult your therapist for other interpretations. Order your Field of Flowers now!

Beer used: Bridgeport Hop Czar IPA, Bridgeport Brewing Company (Portland, Oregon)




All BeerColors™and WineDesigns™ paintings are printed on excellent archival quality paper. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase. The beer or wine used in each painting is listed on the Certificate.  All prints are sold unframed.



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