Garden of Ideas


Garden of Ideas is a very colorful limited edition print that can be enjoyed from multiple angles. It has many figures that, to me, represent ideas; hence the title Garden of Ideas. The figures in Garden of Ideas could also be seen as cookies, donuts, or rolls if you are hungry or any number of other things (such as party balloons) since the beauty of contemporary abstract art is that it allows the viewer to contemplate alternative meanings and provide their own favorite interpretation and personal viewpoint of the work. Order your Garden of Ideas today and be inspired by its joyful, fun and funky nature!

Beer used: Trumer Pils, Trumer Brauerie (Berkeley, California)



All BeerColors™and WineDesigns™ paintings are printed on excellent archival quality paper. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase. The beer or wine used in each painting is listed on the Certificate.  All prints are sold unframed.



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