Iris and Bamboo


Iris and Bamboo is an image of restfulness and reverie. This painting provides a peaceful feeling due to the amount of unpainted space, use of symbolism and simplicity of style and content. Iris and Bamboo is reminiscent of the respectfulness and patience of Asian art and, somewhat, also a bit suggestive of calligraphy strokes. The photographic negative of Iris and Bamboo, Night Garden, is also elegant while displaying an entirely different color combination. Order your limited edition print of Iris and Bamboo today!

Wine used: 2011 elemental cellars Pinot Gris, elemental cellars (Dallas, Oregon)




All BeerColors™and WineDesigns™ paintings are printed on excellent archival quality paper. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase. The beer or wine used in each painting is listed on the Certificate.  All prints are sold unframed.


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