Savannah Marsh


Our nation is blessed to have many wetlands and marshes which provide biologically diverse ecosystems. One such area is the wetland and marshes surrounding Savannah, Georgia. As stewards of the planet, we should be aware that environmental degradation of wetlands and marshes is greater than any other ecosystem on Earth. Savannah Marsh serves as a reminder to protect these fragile systems. You can order your limited edition print of Savannah Marsh and have a daily reminder of our important stewardship over this planet!

Beer used: Breakside Brewing Lunch Break IPA, Breakside Brewery (Portland, Oregon)



All BeerColors™and WineDesigns™ paintings are printed on excellent archival quality paper. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase. The beer or wine used in each painting is listed on the Certificate.  All prints are sold unframed.

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