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Todays Funky Favorite: Poppy Field

Poppy Field is an original somewhat subdued yet modern impressionist painting with a touch of an abstract nature. Poppy Field has a soothing and happy feeling that makes you want to sit down in your favorite chair and daydream. Poppy Field was painted with a 2006 Canon De Sol Red Table Wine from Canon De Sol Winery in Benton City, Washington.

You can order your limited edition print of Poppy Field and look forward to years of wonderful reverie and enjoyment in its trance. Just go to the Poppy Field image under the Modern and Abstract category in the Shop Our Art section anf follow the prompts through checkout!

Today is World Humanitarian Day!

Poppy Field 2 j 8 2 15 CafeAccording to Days of the Week (www.daysoftheweek.com), World Humanitarian Day is today. It is  dedicated to raising public awareness of the work undertaken by humanitarian organizations, the huge challenges they face and to honor lives lost in the advancement of humanitarian causes. Consider using this day to support humanitarian workers, who strive to stop human suffering wherever it is found. You can do so by donating to, joining or supporting a local or global humanitarian organization. Many such good organizations are available to choose from.

Poppy Field (shown above) was painted with a very good 2006 Canon De Sol Red Table Wine from Canon De Sol Winery in Benton City, Washington. Poppy Field can be purchased by going to the Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Modern and Abstract category of the drop down menu, then clicking on the Poppy Field image and following the prompts through checkout.

Framing Your Art: Answers to FAQ’s

Poppy Field 2 j 8 2 15 CafeAs an artist, I am often asked about framing art. Since this is the holiday season, the question is asked more frequently as many of you are thinking about providing gifts of art (paintings, photographs, fiber art, etc.) to others or may soon be receiving art as gifts from others.

When framing your art, you can expect the size of the completed project will be roughly 20-30% larger than the art piece. For example, an 11″ x 14″ print when matted and framed will likely be in the neighborhood of  15″ x 18″ final dimensions. The size could be more or less depending on the size of the frame and the size of the mat, if use a one (some things look best without a mat). Recently there seems to be a trend to use large mats.

I have found using a professional framing vendor has the best results. Doing so gives you the opportunity to consult with an experienced person who knows framing options, colors, composition, trends, materials, etc. Collaborating with such experts provides you with the best final piece which you can be proud to display in your home or business or to give as a present to another.

Some professional framing vendors provide you the resources to do framing on their premises yourself-should you so choose. The framing vendor will provide some direction in that process which can be a lot of fun and saves some expense. If framing art yourself, expect the total process (including the frame cutting by the employees) will take about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of your time. Most framing providers will have your work finished within 2-3 weeks if you have them frame the work themselves.

The Portland, Oregon area has a number of framing companies that are reliable, helpful and have a wide selection of frames. My personal favorite is Macadam Frame Central (www.framecentral.com)  in the John’s Landing area as they have been the most timely and have a very well trained, friendly staff who care about their customers and clients needs.

Poppy Field (shown above) was painted with a fine 2006 Canon De Sol Red Table Wine from the Canon De Sol Winery in Benton City, Washington and is available for purchase by going to the Modern/Abstract drop down category under Shop Our Art and following the prompts.