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Today is the International Day for Tolerance

Today is the International Day for Tolerance, according to www.daysoftheyear.com

The UN introduced The International Day for Tolerance in 1996. This day was created to encourage mindfulness and faith in human rights.

The belief is that everyone has a right to their expression, religion, and their conscience without fear of bias or ridicule. In addition, celebration of this occasion teaches that a persons racial or religious background is inconsequential to the potential for tolerance and friendship between them.

The UN defines tolerance as respect, appreciate and acceptance of the diversity of the world’s cultures and all the ways that we are human. It supports the notion that humanity has the right to live in peace.

The International Day for Tolerance supports the notion that education is a key factor in preventing intolerance across the human race.  On this day, we are encouraged by the UN to educate and learn how to practice solidarity between ethnic, social and cultural groups.

Today is International Artists Day!

Today is International Artists Day! According to daysoftheyear.com, International Artists Day was founded by Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist who specializes in the style known as ‘Romantic Realism’. He created this day to bring recognition to the world of art, and to celebrate all the ways that artists express their own special view to life.

The first records of our world were captured in paintings, sculptures, and music that helps us  to understand our history.International Artists Day also honors current creative souls who will leave a record for the future that can’t be captured in history books. The anguish and joy of the human soul is portrayed through the haunting tones of a melody, violence and fury caught in a photograph, or the serene gaze of a statue staring off into eternity.

Help celebrate all forms of art today and our collective creative spirit!


Today is an Official Napping Day!

644 nappy time web1000According to the Days of the Year website (www.daysoftheyear.com), today is official Napping Day!! So, after you wake up and before you celebrate this long overdue event, call your boss ( but don’t wake him/her) to inform your boss that, contrary to your usual dozing and daydreaming, today you will be observing this solemn event as part of your civic and patriotic duty! Obviously, you will need to pick your time and place (like not while driving dangerous heavy equipment or while in the middle of your performance review), such as during notoriously boring meetings, chats with co-workers, lunches and breaks.

Of interest, from all I can tell there is no formal time limit on either the amount or duration of napping that constitutes observance of this most sacred day! Therefore, use your good judgement and don’t get caught oversleeping your bounds!

As part of your observance you may wish to study Nappy Time (and its story) by clicking on the Nappy Time print image in the Modern/Abstract Art drop down menu under Shop Our Art and read the story which accompanies the print. Nappy Time was created with a tasty Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company (Hood River, Oregon), of course, during a short break from napping.