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Artist Milton Avery (1885-1965)

Artist Milton Avery was an American born artist whose first solo exhibition was in 1944. Shown and collected worldwide, Mr. Avery was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 1963. One of his best known works was his “Green Sea”, painted with oils on canvas.

Art critic Hilton Kramer described Mr. Avery as “…without question our greatest colorist…Among his European contemporaries, only Matisse…produced a greater achievement in this respect.”

Nappy Time (shown above) was painted with a Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. Nappy Time may be purchased by going to our Shop Our Art section, selecting the Modern and Abstract drop down category, clicking on the Nappy Time image then proceeding to checkout.

Artist Emile Nolde (1867-1956)

beercolors-summer-stormEmile Nolde was a German-born oil and watercolor expressionist painter known for his bold brushwork and use of strong colors, notably deep reds and golden yellows. Mr. Nolde began his art career at age 31 and was very productive as an artist. During his lifetime, despite having over 1,600 of his paintings removed from museums and destroyed by the Hitler regime, Mr. Nolde is credited with 231 etchings, 197 woodcuts (including “The Prophet” in 1917) and 83 lithographs in addition to his many oils and watercolors.

Mr. Nolde has his work displayed in numerous museums and collections, including famous pieces of “The Burial” (1915), “Head with Pipe” (1907) and “Blumengarten” which auctioned for $3.2 million in a Sotheby’s of London 2112 auction.

Summer Storm was painted with a great Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. You can purchase Summer Storm by going to Shop Our Art and finding the Summer Storm image under the Modern/Abstract section, clicking on the image and following the prompts.

All of our prints are Limited Edition Prints

beercolors-summer-stormYou may have noticed ALL of our BeerColors™ and WineDesign™ prints are sold Unframed and as Limited Edition Prints. This means that not only can you determine what type and color of matting and framing you feel best suits the print of your choice but there is a limited quantity of the print in the size you picked that will ever be placed on the market!

Limited Edition Prints are defined as an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies. We have limited our Limited Edition Prints to no more than 250 to be issued in any specific size of each print. Thus, you will not likely be displaying a print that is owned by everyone on your block but will be unique to no more than 250 others in the world!

Summer Storm is one of our popular Limited Edition Prints. Summer Storm is offered in two sizes (9″x20″ and 14″x30″) and was painted with a great tasting Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. Summer Storm can be found under Shop Our Art in the Modern/Abstract portion of the drop down menu.

Artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

644 nappy time web1000Henri Matisse was a well known French painter, sculptor and print maker who began painting still life’s and landscapes in 1981 then moved to impressionism in 1986. His first solo exhibition was in 1906. An oil painter, he changed styles to Fauvism (bright often dissonant colors unrelated to the realistic colors of the subject) and pointillism. In his later years he made collages.

Matisse is probably best known for his nudes painted between 1907 and 1910. His “Yellow Curtain”, painted in 1915 and his 1953 “The Snail” are also very well known. His influence in the art world was very great and he continues to have a strong influence on art today.

Nappy Time (shown above) was painted in a Matisse style with a very good tasting Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon. There are at least 3 other paintings on this site that are also painted in a Matisse style.



Today is an Official Napping Day!

644 nappy time web1000According to the Days of the Year website (www.daysoftheyear.com), today is official Napping Day!! So, after you wake up and before you celebrate this long overdue event, call your boss ( but don’t wake him/her) to inform your boss that, contrary to your usual dozing and daydreaming, today you will be observing this solemn event as part of your civic and patriotic duty! Obviously, you will need to pick your time and place (like not while driving dangerous heavy equipment or while in the middle of your performance review), such as during notoriously boring meetings, chats with co-workers, lunches and breaks.

Of interest, from all I can tell there is no formal time limit on either the amount or duration of napping that constitutes observance of this most sacred day! Therefore, use your good judgement and don’t get caught oversleeping your bounds!

As part of your observance you may wish to study Nappy Time (and its story) by clicking on the Nappy Time print image in the Modern/Abstract Art drop down menu under Shop Our Art and read the story which accompanies the print. Nappy Time was created with a tasty Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from Full Sail Brewing Company (Hood River, Oregon), of course, during a short break from napping.