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Todays Funky Art Favorite: Giraffe Playing Banjo

Today’s favorite funky BeerColors™ art is Giraffe Playing Banjo!

Some of the fun in modern painting comes from juxtaposing seemingly inconsistent subjects. Pairing a funky giraffe with a banjo is one such example. The whimsical idea of this painting was brought to life with a 2012 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. While it is not a print which makes much sense upside down or sideways (unless the giraffe is viewed as a rock star type of performer), it is playful and makes me smile whenever I look at it. Hopefully, it tickles your funny bone as well.

You can buy Giraffe Playing Banjo (shown above) by going to our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Modern and Abstract category and then on the Giraffe Playing Banjo image and following the prompts through checkout.

Artist Amadeo Modigliani (1884-1920)

1310-38 ron pomeroy04 giraffe banjo, 10/29/13, 3:29 PM, 16C, 7830x9891 (1905+1440), 133%, Custom, 1/30 s, R126.4, G99.0, B128.3

Artist Amadeo Modigliani was born in 1884. An Italian Jewish painter and sculptor, he moved to Paris, France in 1906. Between 1909 and 1914 he was a sculptor then he primarily painted portraits of people known for having elongated necks. Mr. Modigliani painted portraits of numerous well-known artist friends, including Juan Gris, Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso.  Sickly most of his short life, Mr. Modigliani had only one solo exhibition which was in Paris. The exhibition was shut down by Paris police after one day due to a series of nudes which were contained in the exhibition.

His Red-headed Girl in Evening Dress and Bride and Groom are well-known but his Nu Coudie sold for the most money-about $170.4 million at a Christies auction in 2015.

Speaking of elongated necks, Giraffe Playing Banjo (shown above) was painted with a fine 2012 Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc  from New Zealand. It can be purchased by going to the Shop Our Art section and Modern and Abstract drop down category then clicking on the Giraffe Playing Banjo image and following the prompts.