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Today is Hammock Day!

Nothing is quite as relaxing as kicking back and relaxing in a hammock. There is no better way to celebrate Hammock Day than to find two strong, conveniently located trees or objects, string up your comfy bed… and then just relax! Even better to do so in the afternoon breeze, especially after a sauna, swim or hot tub. Treat yourself extra special on Hammock Day–it only comes around once a year!!

Kicked Back (shown above) is an abstract BeerColors™ painting loosely based on an image of a dog laying in a hammock. Our Kicked Back limited edition print can be purchased by going to the Modern and Abstract category under Shop Our Art, locating the Kicked Back image then proceeding through checkout.

Artist Joan Brown (1938-1990)

665 Kicked Back web HiDefArtist Joan Brown lived in Northern California and is known for her figurative paintings and sculptures. Her paintings were most often bright in color and somewhat cartoonish in style. Very talented, Ms. Brown held her first solo exhibition in 1958 while still an art student. After gaining her B.F.A. and M.A. degrees, Ms. Brown taught art at the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

Ms. Brown is mostly known for her self-portrait entitled After the Alcatraz#3 which was painted after a swim in the Bay that did not turn out well. Ms. Brown turned to public sculpting during the last several years of her short-lived existence when she came to an untimely end from a 1990 construction accident during installation of her obelisk in India.

Kicked Back (shown above) was painted with a very tasty Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter from Maui Brewing Co.  Kicked Back comes in several sizes and can be purchased from the Modern/Abstract drop down menu under Shop Our Art.

Driving to Hawaii

665 Kicked Back web HiDefDo you ever wish you could just hop in the car and drive to Hawaii? Smell the fragrances, feel the warm breeze, enjoy the kindness of the Hawaiian people and the generosity of their spirit? Hear the melodious tune of a slack guitar or daydream to the soft strum of a ukelele? Enjoy the sand, wear your flip flops and shorts and just “kick back” for a few days and rest your soul?

Only a few of us have the opportunity to experience the joy of Hawaii and fewer yet to do so repeatedly. It’s not like you can just jump in your car and go there for the weekend and that inconvenience contributes to its special nature. At least we can all go to Hawaii or some other special place of warmth and relaxation in our minds. We all have our own Hawaii which we cherish that gives us perspective and recharges our individual energy to allow us to do our very best in our daily lives. We need to celebrate our own Hawaii and “kick back” whenever we can.

Kicked Back” celebrates the Hawaiian (Aloha) spirit  in all of us. It was painted with a very good tasting Maui CoCoNut Porter brewed by Maui Brewing Company in Lahaina, Maui.

New BeerColors™ Art Coming Soon!

665 Kicked Back web HiDefBeerColors™ will be unveiling 5 new gicle’e prints on August 25! Kicked Back (shown at top left) was painted with a Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter (from Maui Brewing Co.) and is intended to convey a laid back feeling, similar to enjoying a day in Lahaina.

Celebrate! (shown at bottom left) is also new. Celebrate! was painted with a Widmer Brothers Upheaval IPA from Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. and is intended to portray a joyous, upbeat, party-type feeling as if it were your birthday or another special occasion!

There are 3 other great new gicle’e prints which will also be released on August 25: Through A Kyoto WindowRiver of Life and Picasso Through A Window. Each is unique in style, mood and content. I’m sure you will enjoy each one! Look for them in the Modern/Abstract 663 Celebrate web HiDefdrop down menu in the Shop Our Art section on August 25. Prices start at $70.