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Todays Funky Art Favorite: Koi in Lily Pad Heaven

Today’s BeerColors™ funky art favorite is Koi in Lily Pad Heaven. We suspect many species have aspirations beyond mere survival and procreation. Painting koi surrounded by lily pads seemed like a tranquil approach to communicating the desire for a peaceful spiritual existence beyond one’s physical life which may well be a desire shared beyond the human experience.

Koi in Lily Pad Heaven (shown above) was painted with Widmer Brothers Okto festival ale, from Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. in Portland, Oregon.

You can buy your Koi in Lily Pad Heaven limited edition print by going to our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the modern and Abstract category then on the Koi in Lily Pad Heaven image then following the prompts through checkout. Enjoy!!

Artist Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)

Artist Gustave Caillebotte was born in 1848 in Paris, France. He obtained his law degree in 1868 then became an engineer before debuting his art in 1876 with 8 of his works, including “The Floor Scrapers“. “The Floor Scrapers” hangs in the Muse’e d’ Orsay along with 39 other of his oil paintings, mostly considered neo-impressionist and realistic in style.

One of the most famous paintings by Mr. Caillebotte is his 1877 “Oarsman with Tophat” although his “Man on a Balcony, Boulevard Haussman” (painted in 1880) sold for $14.3 million dollars in 2000!

Koi in Lily Pad Heaven (shown above) can be purchased by locating its image under the Modern and Abstract drop down menu in our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Koi in Lily Pad Heaven image then following the prompts.

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Koi in Lily Pond Heaven can be found under our Modern/Abstract drop down menu under Shop Our Art. The painting is intended as a peaceful and comforting work. It was painted using a very satisfying Widmer Brothers Okto festival ale from Widmer Brothers in Portland, Oregon. Prices start at $70.