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Todays Funky Art Favorite: Peaches and Cream Day

The title of Peaches and Cream Day is evident from the predominant colors which are soothing in nature and remind one of peaches, cream and ice cream. Peaches and Cream Day looks great hung on a wall and helps create a welcoming atmosphere to any room.

Peaches and Cream Day was painted with a New Belgium Skinny Dip from New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Your limited edition print of Peaches and Cream Day is available in two sizes so order now by going to the Shop Our Art section and clicking on the Peaches and Cream Day image under the Modern and Abstract category then following the prompts through checkout!

Artist Friedal Dzubas (1915-1994)

680A Big Splash web HiDefArtist Friedal Dzubas was a noted abstract expressionist who fled Nazi Germany in 1939 landing in New York City. Mr. Dzubas shared a studio in the 1950’s with noted abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler and began showing his color field and lyrical abstract paintings in the 1960’s.

During his painting career, Mr. Dzubas received a Guggenheim Fellowship for the Creative Arts in 1966 and was known for his very large paintings, some of which were up to 24 feet wide. Mr. Dzubas ultimately had over 60 solo exhibitions worldwide before he passed away in 1994.

Big Splash (shown above) was painted with a very good tasting New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Big Splash is available for purchase by going to our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Modern/Abstract category then clicking on the Big Splash image and following the prompts.

Surprising Beer Test Study Results!

240 Owl web1000

Nearly everyone knows oil and water don’t mix but no one had ever studied the effect of mixing beer and watercolor paint. Undaunted, daredevil BeerColors™ artist Ron Pomeroy undertook the challenging task. Over the last two years he tested over 140 beers from various breweries beginning alphabetically with Anchor Brewing Co Breckle’s Brown (www.anchorbrewing.com) to Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. Omission (www.widmerbrothers.com). He was unable to locate any Zimbabwe brewery beers so never made it to ‘Z’ but BeerColors™ tested the compatibility of beer and paint using beer from over 73 different breweries. Although an elderly cat was highly interested in sniffing New Belgium Brewing Co. Trippel Ale (www.newbelgium.com) and a young dog came perilously close to tasting Kona Brewing Company’s Big Wave Golden Ale (www.konabrewingco.com), no humans or animals were harmed during this exhaustive study. Results of this study were staggering!

BeerColors™ is pleased to announce not one of the taste and performance tested beers failed to be compatible with pigments of watercolor paint despite undergoing rigorous test standards such as color control, taste bud flavor testing and visual viscosity observations! Since the initial test sample was only a small percentage of the available beers on the world market, continued study will occur but we wanted to be the first to let you in on this good news: all tested beers appear to be user friendly and consumer safe for beer-painting based upon our preliminary study!

Always on the cutting edge of beer-painting technology, BeerColors™ will continue to keep you updated on the ongoing progress of this invaluable scientific study!