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Todays Funky Art Favorite: Awestruck

 Awestruck is a funky, colorful painting that evokes many things in many people. Mostly, Awestruck is a vibrant and hopeful piece meant to be a cheerful, joyful reminder of the best parts of our lives and ourselves. Painted with a fine wine, Awestruck is both an aspirational and an inspirational addition to your art collection.

Awesome was painted with a 2014 Picpoul De Pinet Cuvee Prestige wine from Picpol De Pinet in France. You can buy Awestruck by going to our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Modern and Abstract drop down category then following the prompts after clicking on the Awestruck image!


Artist: Alexj Jawlensky (1864-1941)

Awestruck CaféAn abstract expressionist, Alexj Jawlensky achieved prominence in the art world through his painting of faces, mostly of friends and women. He grew up during difficult ties and was expelled from Germany during 1914 whereupon he moved to Switzerland to continue his painting lifestyle. The faces painted by Mr. Jawlensky often have haunting eyes, prominent noses and a variety of colors highlighting various facial features. His work is worth examination and is somewhat reminiscent of the Picasso school of abstract art.

Awestruck (shown above) was painted using a fine 2014 Picpoul De Pinet Cuvee  Prestige from Picpol De Pinet in France. Awestruck may be purchased by going to Shop Our Art, clicking on the Modern and Abstract drop down category then clicking on the Awestruck image then following the prompts through checkout.