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Todays Funky Art Favorite: Playing with the Cat

Playing with the Cat is a playful, minimalist and mischievous rendition of two figures. The impressionist figure outlined on the center-right is a person, the smaller one on the left is the cat. The joy of relating to and receiving the affection from your pet cat is intended to be conveyed by this painting. You can order your limited edition print of Playing with the Cat now and you will enjoy years of companionship and pleasure!

Playing with the Cat was painted with a 2011 A to Z Pinot Noir from A to Z Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon.

You can order your limited edition print of Playing with the Cat by clicking on the Playing with the Cat image in the Modern and Abstract category under the Shop Our Art section and following the prompts through checkout!

Stepping Back

461W playing with cat web HiDefIn The Gambler, Kenny Rogers sang:” You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run”. It is similar when painting. Perspective is an ally and taking time to step away and assess the painting at hand usually helps in making better decisions.

One of the most difficult decisions for artists is to know when they have completed their work. The temptation is always to add something more to the piece. The decision making process is always enhanced by stepping back for a few minutes and then “re-viewing” the piece  through fresh eyes before making a final decision.

My general rule of thumb, as when painting “Playing with the Cat” (shown at left), is to err on the side of brevity and to leave space for the imagination of the viewer to fill in the gaps. It is amazing how often just gaining a fresh perspective by stepping back for a few minutes determines the decision without second-guessing.