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Funky Art Featured Today: Snack

Today we feature our funky art called Snack. Guess who was hungry when this painting was created?

People particularly like the vibrant colors and the suggestion of excess in our Snack image. This modern art piece deserves a place in your kitchen, man cave or game room where it can be surrounded by other food and beverages. Placed on its side, Snack resembles a colorful bunch of bananas.

Snack (shown above) was painted using a New Belgium Trippel Ale from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Ft. Collins, Colorado. You can buy Snack by going to the Shop Our Art section of this website, clicking to either the Modern and Abstract or the Funky Art on Metal category, then clicking on the Snack image and by following the prompts through checkout. Enjoy your Snack!!

“Snack” Now Available For Purchase

631 snack web1000Guess who was hungry when Snack was painted? Our artist, of course, who likes the vibrant colors and the suggestion of excess in Snack. This modern art print deserves a place in your kitchen, man cave or game room where it can be surrounded by other food and beverages. Placed on its side, Snack resembles a colorful bunch of bananas.

Snack (shown at left) was painted with a fine tasting New Belgium Trippel Ale from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Snack may be purchased by going to Shop Our Art, clicking on the Modern and Abstract category then on the Snack image and following the prompts through checkout.

Our Art Wins Again!

470W Serenity web HiDefSerenity (shown at left) won an Honorable Mention Ribbon last weekend at the Woodburn Arts Festival. The 107 Festival entries from several states were judged by 3 jurors from the academic and art gallery community in the Portland metropolitan area. This is the fourth ribbon won by BeerColors™ artist Ron Pomeroy in the last four juried competitions he has entered!

You can purchase Serenity or any of the other three recent award winning prints (Snack, Thundercloud and Warm Ocean Tide- or any other Modern and Abstract Limited Edition Print, for that matter) by just going to the Modern and Abstract drop down menu under Shop Our Art, clicking on the desired image and following the prompts.

Portland Craft Beer Festival July 3-5

631 snack web1000The First Annual Portland Craft Beer Festival will be held during July 3-5 at The Fields Neighborhood Park, 1099 NW Overton. This craft beer festival will exclusively feature over 100 Portland, Oregon brewed craft beers as well as wine, craft ciders and food.

According to John Foyston (www.oregonlive.com/user/johnfoyston/posts.html), Oregon’s premier beer guru, the event will benefit the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, The James Beard Public Market and the Oregon Brew Crew. Admission is $20 per person which includes a mug and 10 tickets. Beers will include lagers, sour ales, Belgian style, wheats, ambers, red ales, Kolsch, pale ales, IPA’s, porters, stouts and “special” beers. Sounds like this will be another great event for Portland beer lovers!

Snack (shown above) is an award-winning painting that can be purchased through our Shop Our Art section by going to the Modern/Abstract drop down menu, clicking on the image and following the prompts. Snack comes in 5 different sizes to fit your needs!

“Snack” Wins Award

631 snack web1000BeerColors™ “Snack”, painted with a great tasting New Belgium Trippel Ale from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Colorado, won a blue ribbon for first place in Abstract Art at the Charbonneau Arts Festival this last weekend!

“Snack” and about 20 other BeerColors™ paintings will be featured for two months in a solo exhibition at the Canby Library beginning November 3.

Today is International “No Diet” Day!

631 snack web1000Today is International No-Diet Day, founded in 2000 to raise awareness that unhealthy dieting can be dangerous to your health. Besides anorexia, over-concentration on body image can create lifelong phobias and an unhealthy self-image. So, today, if not always, relax your strict codes of food consumption guilt and enjoy the nourishment and life-sustaining food products that you truly enjoy. Today is a day to treat yourself like a food king or queen for the wonderful being that you are-without any negative food consumption judgment!

Snack is pictured at left. We have a print of Snack displayed in our kitchen/dining room to remind us that food is sustaining and fun, as is food art. Snack was created using a great New Belgium Trippel Ale from New Belguim Brewing Company! Snack can be found under the Modern and Abstract Art drop down menu under Shop Our Art. Prices start at $70.




BeerColors™ to paint with beer at The Place to Be Cafe on December 11, 2013

631 snack web1000The Place to Be Cafe in Canby, Oregon (p2bcafe.com) is a cozy meeting place and restaurant that has made a very positive impact in this suburb of Portland, Oregon by providing a warm, friendly gathering place with very good food and service and a laid-back, conversational atmosphere. They often have events and entertainment at the cafe and are very supportive of local artists and entertainers.

BeerColors™  is pleased to announce it will perform a public beer-painting demonstration at The Place to Be Cafe, 190 NW 2nd Avenue in downtown Canby, Oregon, on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 between 4:00p.m and 7:00 p.m. Widmer Brothers Alchemy will be used in the painting demonstration along with some The Place to Be Cafe wine (Copa) and possibly some additional beers. Come on over and enjoy the fun!




Awesome October!

631 snack web1000

October has been very good to BeerColors™!

Ron Pomeroy, BeerColors™ artist, was chosen by the jury selection committee of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance to participate in the 2014 Artist Exhibit program (www. clackamasartsalliance.org ). This program features selected artists on its website and displays their art in public buildings . This selection is an honor which is greatly appreciated!

October also saw the celebration of BeerColors™ first year on the web. We appreciate how well our art and the Brushstrokes Blog have been received. In addition, the BeerColors™ facebook page has gained numerous followers, thanks entirely to the excellent work of Katie Schroepfer!

Artist Ron Pomeroy was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Canby Arts Association during October. He also performed a public beer-painting demonstration. Additionally, BeerColors™ is hopeful it can participate in ARTZ for Alzheimer’s (www.alz.org ) based upon initial discussions with that fine organization during October.

These October developments have happened within the context of continued exhibiting of BeerColors™ art at the excellent Wallflowers Gallery (www.wallflowersframinggallery.com) and at other venues. Modern and Abstract art were added to the website during October and the trademark for WineDesigns™ was granted for the wine-painting portion of BeerColors™. Rollout of initial limited edition WineDesigns™ prints  is expected to occur shortly after the first of the year.

All in all, BeerColors™ had an awesome October!

How Does Beer Effect the Painting?

631 snack web1000A common question asked of this artist is: How does beer effect the painting? There are actually several influences. FIRST, the darker the beer the more pigment, which tends to darken the painting very slightly versus using water as a medium. SECOND, due to the carbonation in the beer, bubbles often develop, particularly if the paint and beer are stirred together vigorously. An example is the painting “Snack (at left) . Often I leave the bubbles in a painting as evidence that it was painted with beer. After all, this is a signature effect that makes all BeerColors paintings a conversation piece since there are only a handful of professional artists in the world who paint with beer.

ANOTHER effect of painting with beer is that it off-gases a bit. The alcohol needs to evaporate so one should not frame a beer-painting until a few days after it has been completed. FINALLY, painting with beer is novel, fun and should be done with joy. After all, drinking beer is normally more tasty than drinking water! The mere process of using an ingredient that is unusual and sparks interest brings additional spark to the creative process and helps make the finished product a conversation piece whether hung at home or displayed at your workplace.