Today is the International Day for Tolerance

Today is the International Day for Tolerance, according to

The UN introduced The International Day for Tolerance in 1996. This day was created to encourage mindfulness and faith in human rights.

The belief is that everyone has a right to their expression, religion, and their conscience without fear of bias or ridicule. In addition, celebration of this occasion teaches that a persons racial or religious background is inconsequential to the potential for tolerance and friendship between them.

The UN defines tolerance as respect, appreciate and acceptance of the diversity of the world’s cultures and all the ways that we are human. It supports the notion that humanity has the right to live in peace.

The International Day for Tolerance supports the notion that education is a key factor in preventing intolerance across the human race.  On this day, we are encouraged by the UN to educate and learn how to practice solidarity between ethnic, social and cultural groups.