Today is IPA Day!

Get ready to raise your glass and celebrate India Pale Ale Beer Day. This annual occasion aims to increase appreciation of one of the world’s most popular types of craft beer.

According to , IPA beers date to the late 18th century, when they were brewed for British sailors making long sea voyages to India. Most beers didn’t keep their taste well aboard ship, so London brewer George Hodgson developed a pale ale with a high hop content, which kept its taste longer.

The special day brings together breweries large and small, along with an assortment of beer buffs and bloggers. Hundreds of events are organized, including India Pale Ale tastings and festivals, so look out for a celebration near you. Cheers!

Riding (shown above) was painted with an Ice Harbor IPA from Ice Harbor Brewing Co. Riding can be purchased by going to the Modern and Abstract category under Shop Our Art, clicking on the Riding image and following the prompts.