Todays BeerColors™ Funky Art Favorite: Nappy Time

Today’s BeerColors™ funky art favorite is Nappy Time (shown at left). This Matisse-inspired painting represents that favorite time of day or evening when you feel like cuddling up with a warm puppy, blanket or other soft item(s). Unlike many other Modern and Abstract paintings by BeerColors™, Nappy Time is intended to be displayed in only one manner—with the head upright… obviously, so the painting does not become dizzy!

Nappy Time was painted with a Full Sail LTD limited edition lager from the Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, Oregon.

You can buy your limited edition print of Nappy Time by going to our Shop Our Art section, clicking on the Modern and Abstract category then on the Nappy Time image and following the prompts. Enjoy your own Nappy Time!