Todays Funky Art Favorite: Crazy Cubes

Today’s BeerColors™ funky art favorite is Crazy Cubes (shown at left), painted with a 2016 Summerfest Crisp Lager from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. located in both Chico, California and Mill River, North Carolina.

Crazy Cubes is a fun-loving, vibrant and lively abstract painting that should put a smile on your face with its upbeat tenor. Devoid of any meaning other than a happy spirit, it looks great as a print and also on light weight aluminum-as found in our Art on Metal category (Crazy Cubes (Metal) image).

You can buy your Crazy Cubes by going to the Shop Our Art section, clicking on either the Modern and Abstract category or the Art on Metal category then on the Crazy Cubes image and following the prompts through checkout! Enjoy the fun and eye-catching appeal of having Crazy Cubes in your personal environment.