Todays Funky Art Favorite: Palm Trees in a Storm

The perspective of Palm Trees in a Storm is looking landward from a turbulent sea during a tropical storm.  Palm trees are symbolic of the tropical experience. They evoke romantic notions of a languid life of leisure, warmth and frolic yet, they too, must deal with life’s vicissitudes as part of the push/pull balance we all experience on this planet, especially in high winds and violent storms. Even life in paradise can have its challenges.

A Firestone Double Barrel Ale from Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Paso Robles, California was used in the creation of this painting.

Your limited edition print of Palm Trees in a Storm is available in two sizes. Order your piece of paradise now by locating the Palm Trees in a Storm image in the Modern and Abstract drop down menu under Shop Our Art, then just follow the prompts through checkout!